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Shandur Polo Plus Kalash Valley

Altitude:                   MIN 610 m to MAX 3734 m

Duration:                 14 days / 13 nights

Best Season:           June to End of October

Route:                       Islamabad-Chitral-Kalash-Shandur-Phandar-Gilgit-Besham-     Islamabad

The trip from Islamabad to Chitral and Kalash valley is going to be an exciting one. Here you will find people who are rare in the whole country. These people have completely different cultural heritage and their dress code is unique. You will enjoy their company and rituals. They are fond of dances and music. The extreme beauty of the valleys bring a joy apart. From there you will be taken to participate in the famous Shandu Polo tournament. Shandur  (3734 m) is a high mountain pass that connects Chitral to the Gilgit in Pakistan. Shandur has the highest polo ground in the world and each year, there is a festival called Shandur Polo Festival in the first week of July. The best teams from Gilgit and Chtiral play the final depicting the scene of a battle field. In 1936 the first polo tournament took place at Shandur Pass which was organized by a British Political Agent, Major Cobb. After enjoying the three days in Shandur, we will turn back to Islamabad via Gilgit and this wonderful trip will come to an end.